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On Ramp:

These classes are the starting point for new members and lead to the more competitive and advanced WOD classes. These classes are small group, non-competitive, and focus on the learning of the proper form and technique for the majority of our common movements. Other topics covered are proper scaling for various exercises and basics on nutrition and recovery.

WOD Classes:

WOD classes are the hub of the CrossFit Buffalo programming. The WOD class focuses on the Workout of the Day (WOD) as posted on the website The WODs are coached by 1-2 coaches, depending on class size. The workload for the class is scaled and modified to each members individual level. The entirety of the class includes group warm up, strength/skill work, WOD, and cool down.

CrossFit Class Membership:

CrossFit Class Membership
$215 first month then $165 per month
Spouse Membership
$190 first month then $140 per month
*CrossFit Family Membership
$150 first month then $100 per month
Military Law enforcement
$190 first month then $140 per month
$165 first month then $115 per month

*Rates are per person. Minimum Three members. Must be same household. All members 18+ years of age.