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Friday 061716

CrossFit Buffalo – CrossFit


2 Rounds

8x PVC Passthroughs

5x DH Snatch

:30s Supinated Hang

:20-:30s OHS Hold



FGSB 3M EMOM, 5 reps each minute

Barbell Option A

Snatch (3×5 all from AK, push the weight)

Back Squat (8×3 @ 100% 8RM, rest 1:20 b/t each)

Barbell Option B

Double KB Snatch (4 heavy sets of 8 )

Back Squat (10×2 @ 95% 8RM, rest 1:10 b/t each)


Metcon (Time)

1 Round for Time

150M(500ft) 1 Arm Farmer Carry Right

150M(500ft) 1 Arm Farmer Carry Left

18 Deadlifts @ 43% 1RM

200M Run/300M Row

100M(330ft) Waiter Carry Left

100M(330ft) Waiter Carry Right

18 Double KB Front Squats w/ weight used for waiter carry

200M Run/300M Row

50M(165ft) OH Carry Right

50M(165ft) OH Carry Left

18 Double KB Push Press w/ weight used for OH carry

200M Run/300M Row

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