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Friday 71516

CrossFit Buffalo – CrossFit


PVC Series

2 Rounds:

Snatch Grip DL x8

Hang Muscle Snatch x8

OHS x8

DH Snatch x8

Barbell Option A

Snatch (up to one heavy single )

After last set take 70% of weight hit for 2×3 all from floor

Barbell Option B

Snatch Pull (4 heavy sets of 6 all from BK )

After last set complete 3×6-10 reps of one arm KB high pulls (strict) at challenging weight

Accessory Work

Overhead Snatch Grip Shrug 6×8-10, 1112 tempo, rest 1:00


Metcon (Time)


Four Rounds for Time

6x DKB Strict Press

12x DKB Front Squat

18x Weighted Sit Ups


Four Rounds for Time

6x Strict Press 95/65

12x Front Squat 95/65

12x T2B


6x Strict Press 115/105

12x 115/105 Front Squat

16x T2B

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