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HollyWhy did you start doing Crossfit? What were your goals then? My reason for starting Crossfit was to lose weight and actually, for once in my life, feel stronger.  I had my son 3 years ago and I lost all confidence in myself and my body.  By the time he was 2 years old, my body was not the same.  I even struggled walking upstairs with my son because he was so heavy- the 95th percentile in height and weight!

I found out about Crossfit Buffalo soon after my son was born.  A girl that used to come into the store that I worked at was in Crossfit.  It sounded like everything I wanted to do – a fitness level that I could only dream of being able to do.   So I looked into it and was intimidated and discouraged due to my lack of fitness at that point in time.   I was like “Yeah! Right! No way could I do half the stuff they do!” Finally though, I came to a point where I wanted more for myself and so I joined.

Before I was pregnant I was a cardio junkie.  I spent so much time on the elliptical machines.  My only  goal was just to be SKINNY.  Diet, back then, was something a person should NEVER DO. You were supposed to make changes as a lifestyle and so there I was, on the machines.

It was on my second Mother’s Day when I knew I needed to make changes.   Looking back at pictures of myself was the worst feel

ing.  I was so disgusted with myself and VERY DEPRESSED.  I finally gathered enough courage to try Crossfit.  I forced myself to go and try it out I had to see if I could even do it.   I went to the BAC which was inexpensive to try for one month.  I spent the first two weeks learning the lifts one-on-one with a trainer.  I had never picked up a barbell or a kettlebell  in my life.  After my two weeks of training, I was ready and started the classes.  Then, the BAC closed.  I had only been there 3 weeks so I was so disappointed.  I knew Crossfit Buffalo was “the real deal.”  I was scared but I made the call.  I WAS NOT GOING TO LET INTIMIDATION GET THE BEST OF ME.   The first WOD that I did at CFB was the 5am class because it fit best in my schedule.  I was extremely tired and out of it.  But Rob coached me through it and he told me it takes a month to get used to it.  He was definitely right!   Now I love getting up early and starting my day with Crossfit.  I am shocking myself as to what I can do – things I probably  wouldn’t  have ever thought I could achieve!   I wish I had started at Crossfit Buffalo from the start.

What is one of your current goals? Well, one goal was to front square 200+.  In my picture I am front equating 205.

Another goal is to back squat over 300 lbs (I saw a girl here on the whiteboard with BS 300+ – pretty BADA$$)

The ultimate goal is MUSCLE UPS!

What were your first impressions: How have they changed? My first impression was that I wouldn’t last long.  Now I am striving for things that I see others do in the gym.

What can you do now that you never thought you could? Toes to bar, lifting weights over 100 lbs, ring push ups, so close to getting pull ups (I will do this in under a year!), climbing a rope—which I had never done before or even tried!

How has your life changed since you started doing Crossfit? Mentally/physically? Anything you did not expect? My life changed for the better .  I feel happier.  I am also doing the Paleo Diet and the crazy part is that  I am drinking black coffee!   If you had asked me to give up cream and sweetener before this, I would have said “not a chance”.  And as crazy as it may sound, I actually like black coffee – I even prefer it.

Looking at the whiteboard and seeing what other girls can do is inspiring and impressive. Crossfit Buffalo inspires me and pushes me to a whole new level of fitness.  I’m striving to go beyond what I thought was my limit.  I have had help during 5am classes to push me to go heavier.  I have even SHOCKED myself at what I was able to do.





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