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Kyle Root

10387607_10205533265394442_3852198353603021478_nFour years ago I was just a “normal” person who did “normal” amounts of exercise (none). I weighed around 190 lbs and ate whatever I wanted, was fes- tively plump and had very little confidence. So I started a very aggressive diet of 1200 calories a day and stuck to it pretty closely. Two months and 20# later I was skinnier, with no confidence and lots of hunger.

Enter running: Marathon training is a great way to eat whatever you want, not gain a pound and in some cases still lose. After my second marathon I was down to 162 lbs (my lightest weight). Still not confident. Yeah I was skinny.. and pretty quick…But not happy.

Enter CrossFit: Sarah, my strong as an ox and hot like a fox wife started CrossFit (the cult!!) in July 2013. I finally decided to give in and began OnRamp in February 2014.

Fast forward and I am now 1 year+
into CrossFit! Stronger than ever, confident and loving every minute (except burpees). These last couple months I have been participating in the diet challenge with Krista. Krista gave us macros and sample meals. She also shared great literature on drinking (the adult kind), pro- tein supplements and the im- portance of things like sleep. She has been really responsive to questions and very helpful in educating me in clean eating. Since I have started the diet challenge I have lost 2 pounds, weighing in at 188 pounds. Per Krista’s plan, I have been eating around 2800 calories a day. At first I was intimidated by eating that many calories and that much protein (bro, ya gotta). But now I see that they are all just numbers and that with the right diet you can achieve any of your goals. Since the diet started I have achieved personal records in my snatch (10 lbs), clean (20 lbs) and back squat (35 lbs). I highly recommend a good diet plan that is not too strict and aligned with the goals you want to achieve!

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