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Member Bio – David Whipple

Name: David R. Whipple
Age: 59
Occupation: Consultant
Crossfitting how long? Since May of 2011

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  1. Why did you start doing Crossfit?  What were your goals?
    My first exposure to Crossfit was in early 2011.  On 05-Nov.-2010, my son, Spc. Blake D. Whipple was KIA, in Ghazni, Afghanistan.  Two of his friends Colin and Alex Rogers, members of Crossfit Buffalo, asked and arranged for a WOD in honor of their fallen friend; became to be known as “Whip”.  My wife and I attended the WOD as spectators.  I was very impressed; however, not enough so to start Crossfitting myself.  A couple of months later another son; Sean, told me he was doing a Tough Mudder to pay tribute to his brothers service and ultimate sacrifice.  When I suggested that I join Sean in the endeavor; his response “Dad you’re really old for this.”  The challenge extended; I asked what I should do to prepare for my first Tough Mudder.  Sean responded; have you heard of Crossfit?, I responded yes and my next call was to David Rice.  That being said; my goal was to get into Tough Mudder shape in order to complete the Tough Mudder Challenge with my son – by the way, mission accomplished and will be running my third Mudder this July.  I may do one more Mudder next year just so I can say I did my fourth Tough Mudder at the age od 60.  Will make that decision after completing the third Mudder.
  2. What were your first impressions?  How have they changed? 
    My first impressions were very positive; I liked the diverse nature of the WODs, different day – different workout.  I liked the fact that the instructors/coaches; particularly David and Doc J were really invested in my growth as a Crossfit member.  I enjoyed the comradery amoung the members.  The only change in impressions would be; that which I feel I can accomplish.  Notwithstanding my constant complaining that I am “to old” for some of the exercise’s, I feel very capable doing each and every exercise; albeit scaled.
  3. What can you do now that you never thought you could? 
    The list is pretty long; however, here are some examples:  rope climb, overhead squat (it is only a 65 lbs lift; however, when I began, couldn’t do a PVC overhead squat), hand stand push up (not full range of motion – getting there), not yet proficient, getting better; kipping pull up and toes to bar.  One last note; only through constant encouragement from David and Dr. J, I do a full squat rather than the “old man” only half way down squat.
  4. How has your life changed since you started doing Crossfit?   Metally/physically?  Anything you did not expect? 
    Mentally I just feel better about myself.  As Dr. J says; do more by 7:00 a.m. than most do all day.  Physically, more stamina, stronger and I actually think I look better – “getting huge”.
  5. What is your favorite Crossfit Buffalo memory? 
    It’s actually two; after being a spectator at the first “Whip” WOD, my favorite memories were participating in the next two “Whip” WODs.
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