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Member Bio-Jill Thomas

Name: Jill Thomas
Age: 32
Occupation: Teacher
Crossfitting how long? A little over 2 years.


Why did you start doing Crossfit?

I started crossfit because I was sick of my old workout regime. I had trained for a season of figure competitions and was burnt out. I no longer found working out fun, it became a chore and I was in search of something that would respark my passion for fitness.

What were your goals?

I started crossfit in hopes of loving my workouts again, becoming stronger and losing weight.

What were your first impressions?

I was very intimidated at first by everything. I remember I was afraid of looking stupid in front of everyone.  I wanted to be a big dog and I thought the only way to do it was by piling on the weight. I tried to go really heavy for every WOD I did.

How have they changed?

I’ve realized I was completely wrong about everything LOL. Everyone at the gym is very supportive.  I’m at ease and not afraid of looking silly anymore when I mess a movement up. I also stopped comparing myself to others. We all come to the gym at different levels of fitness. There’s always going to be someone who is stronger, faster, better coordinated, or more flexible. There’s a progression to every movement. A strong foundation must be built before you progress to the next level. For some of us this progression means baby steps and for others of us it’s leaps. I come in every day ready to work within my own capabilities and celebrate my achievements no matter how small they may seem to appear. Progress is progress and is achieved by dedication, hard work, and listening to the trainers not by stubbornness, pride, and moving too fast A.K.A woding with weight you’re not ready for.

What can you do now that you never thought you could?

A pull up and a double under.

How has your life changed since you started doing Crossfit?  Metally/physically?  Anything you did not expect?

Since starting crossfit I’ve become a lot stronger physically. My body composition has also changed for the better and my love of fitness is back. What I didn’t expect to find was an extended family.  I came to the gym for the challenging workouts and was blessed with a group of unforgettable people in my life as an added bonus.

What is your favorite Crossfit Buffalo memory?

My favorite memory is the first time I did Memorial Day Murph. I just remember thinking that it was the best Memorial Day I ever had. For the first time I spent it the way I should have been all these years, Honoring a hero. I love that crossfit creates WODS in memory of fallen soldiers.

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