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Member Bio-Randy Hadden

photoName: Randy Hadden
Age: 39
Occupation: Hover Networks (Internet Phones)
Crossfitting how long? 1 year (6am crew)

Why did you start doing Crossfit?  What were your goals?
A couple of years ago I was tipping the scale over 240lbs. Being an older Dad to two boys (4yrs and 18months) I needed to do something to keep up with them. I read a magazine article that talked about Crossfit, so I started searching the web and walla – found CrossFit Buffalo website. It took a year after that to finally come in and give it a try.

What were your first impressions?  How have they changed?
I always played sports and worked out occasionally over the years, so I thought I knew “how to workout”.  When I got here I found out how “Out of Shape” I really was. I was scared to do a pull up and I don’t think I ever jumped up on a box before – At least not in the last 15 years. Climb a rope? Seriously? Fast forward to today – Down to about 200lbs and can even RX many of the WODs!

What can you do now that you never thought you could?
I do pull-ups without a band!! I could always squat and deadlift, but the gymnastics is where the most noticeable improvement has come and still needs a lot of work. Still looking for the MuscleUP, but I know this summer I’ll be able to. That’s the beauty of the programming here.  If you keep plugging away and working hard the rest just, out of nowhere, happens. One day, after always using a band on the pull up bar, I just jumped up and banged out like 3, or 4 strict – it clicked from there.

How has your life changed since you started doing Crossfit?  Metally/physically?  Anything you did not expect?
I really feel like an athlete again. We all are Athletes here! I didn’t expect to compete in the Hammerhead games, or the Crossfit Open, but I love it and plan to compete even more. I know for a fact that it’s going to take a long time for my kids to catch up to me now.  They have a better role model for it. Although my family thinks I’m a little obsessed with food and fitness, but who cares – right?

What is your favorite Crossfit Buffalo memory?
The CrossFit Buffalo “family” photo from the Hammerhead Games really sticks out in my mind. Sums up what we all have here.

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