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richWhy did you start doing Crossfit? What were your goals then? In 2008 I quit racing amateur Moto Cross and became almost sedentary. Fast forward 4 years to 2012 and I weighed about 300lbs, was on daily medicine for gout, and had no ambition to do anything because I was so overweight. The writing was on the wall and I knew that I had to change or continue to become sicker and possibly have an early death. I started doing Crossfit style workouts with trainers from the Pentagon Force Protection Agency. My initial goal was to drop some weight and get in good enough shape to complete a 5 mile Spartan Race. Which I did and then completed another 12 mile Spartan Race that same year.  Their style of training nutritional guidance was very effective. Much more so than the traditional weight lifting, long distance running and low-fat diet approach that never worked for me. We never did any of the advanced lifting movements that CF does, though. At this point, my Wife, Jen and I both converted to a mostly Paleo type diet and made some tweeks that work for us and we’ve never looked back. In 2013, I left DC and returned home to the Buffalo area. I wanted to join a Crossfit Box and walked into CFB.

What is one of your current goals? I look at this as a long term journey to continually improve/maintain my health. Currently though, I would like to drop about 10 more pounds and see how I feel/look/move from there. Continue to improve in all aspects of Crossfit and health in general.

What were your first impressions: How have they changed? I was impressed with how much knowledge of movement all of the CFB trainers had. Bar none, they have all given me excellent tips and cues to move better and push myself beyond my mental barriers. I appreciate all of them greatly, they do an excellent job! My first impressions have changed in that I realize that there is a much more vast knowledge within our trainers than I could have imagined. They’re all an excellent resource.

What can you do now that you never thought you could? While there are many things that I do much better now, it has to be thrusters! Before CFB, I couldn’t do more than 3 thrusters at 95lbs without having to stop from terrible knee pain because I was so immobile. Through working on my mobility and overall fitness, I’m now able to do much better with that punishing movement.

How has your life changed since you started doing Crossfit? Mentally/physically? Anything you did not expect? Physically, I have lost another 30lbs since being at CFB and can move so much better than before. The mental confidence that comes along with that is undeniable. While the gymnastics, weight lifting and metcons are very important, I didn’t expect to find out that getting enough sleep and the proper nutrition were even more important. Until I started getting 8hrs each and every night, I just couldn’t put everything together. Proper sleep, alone made the single biggest difference in my health and it started to bring better results almost immediately. I’m finally starting to put it all together and am much healthier and happier as a result.

What is your favorite Crossfit Buffalo memory? There are many great memories that I already have in the short time that I’ve been at CFB. My favorite though, has to be when we were trying to find some music for one an early morning WOD and Taylor Swift’s song “Shake It Off,” came on. Bryan Lorenz broke into an impressive dance routine, including the shake it off motion by brushing off each shoulder while dancing. I am positive that he had practiced that before and still does, I’m sure.



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