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Thursday Jacked and Tan!

CrossFit Buffalo – CrossFit


1000M Row @ 50% Effort

10x Yoga Push Ups

100M R Farmer Carry 1/.75

100M Farmer Carry L 1/.75

Jacked and Tan

Close grip bench press (5 heavy sets of 7 )

between each set complete 10 reverse flies with highest tension band possible

Eccentric pull-up (4-5 challenging sets, add weight if possible)

(A) 1 Eccentric Pull Up + 1 Pull Up, goal is :30s eccentric

(B) Eccentric Ring Row + 3 Ring Rows, goal is :30s Eccentric

Tempo Push Ups (6 sets of 8, 1313T add weight if possible)

One Arm High Pull (4 heavy sets of 8 each arm, STRICT)

Skull Crushers (4 heavy sets of 12)

between each set complete max effort sets of DB Curls

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