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Tuesday 062816

CrossFit Buffalo – CrossFit


Crossover Symmetry

8 Shoulder Tap (push up position)

8 T Push Up

8 Yoga Push Up

8 Passthrough series in each position

Jacked and Tan

Close grip bench press (10-8-6-4-4)

1. each set should be heavier than the last.

2. After each set complete 10x facepulls with highest tension band possible

3. Rest 2-3:00 minutes

Chin-ups (10-8-6-4-4)

1. Each set should be heavier than the last

2. After each set complete 8x BTN Strict Press

3. Rest 2-3:00 between each set

Neutral Grip Grip DB Bench Press (3 heavy sets of 8 )

1. Between each set complete 8x DB.KB Rows per arm

2. Rest 1:00 between each set

Batwing Row (4-6×8, with 1116 tempo)

1. Lay facedown on an incline bench (4×45’s high). Row with weight in each hand and allow your knuckles to get as close to your ribs as possible.

3. 1116 Tempo = :01s eccentric, :01s Hold at bottom, :01s concentric, :06s hold at top.

Bae Watch

RDL (7×8, rest :20s between each set, AHAP)

Hip Bridge (with weight) (4×10 AHAP, rest 2:00 between each )

Lunge Jumps (3×20 total reps, rest 1:30 between each)


Metcon (Time)

4 Rounds

7 Power Snatches 95/65

100M Sprint

1:00 Rest

5:00 Rest (after last round)

4 Rounds

10 Back Squats @ 35-40% 1RM

12/9 Calorie Row

1:00 Rest

– Each round should be completed as fast as possible

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