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Tuesday 083016

CrossFit Buffalo – CrossFit


2 Rounds

200M Run

10x Barbell DL (empty)

10x Cobra’s

10x Sky reaches

200M Row

Jacked and Tan

Deadlift (Work to one heavy set of five )

1. Challenge yourself, but should not be all out max effort. We will use this number for the next 12 weeks!

DB Bulgarian Split Squat (3×8 each leg, b/t each set complete 2 box jumps)

DB/KB/Barbell Bench (3 heavy sets of 3, after last set, 50-60% for 3×15)

1. If using an odd implement, make sure to challenge yourself!

2. Between each set complete 10x lateral raises


Metcon (Time)

5 Rounds For Time

8 KBS (Russian) 88/72(RX+) – 72/55(RX) – 65/44(Fitness)

100M Sprint

10 T2B (RX+ and RX)/10 weighted sit ups (fitness)

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