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Wednesday 062817

CrossFit Buffalo – CrossFit


8 minutes

Inchworms x 7

Handstand hold x 20 seconds

Back extensions x 10

Russian farmer carries (LIGHT)

Jog 100 meters


Summer Benchmark 2017 – 1 (Time)

30 Minute running clock

15 minutes to run 1 mile

Performed as four 400 meter laps. Score is 1 rep per 400 meters or as total time if mile is completed.

Then; see below

Summer Benchmark 2017 – 2 (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

15:00 AMRAP

5 Double kettlebell cleans

10 Ring push-ups

15 Sit-ups/GHD Sit Ups

1. We will be re testing this at end of summer.

2. Weight of choice on cleans. Should be able to hit reps consistently unbroken but should still be a challenge.

3. Make note of foot position on ring rows. Would be wise to measure how far your feet are from wall for accuracy.

4. Choose GHD sit-ups or abmat sit ups. GHD choose a standard to touch (floor, stacked plates..) Rep ends when you touch foot pads. Abmat sit-ups shoulder must touch floor, sit all way up touch foot anchors.

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