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    Our Standard of Living

    People always tell us they are looking for something different.

    We are a faction. A subculture by choice and design.

    Over a decade ago, dissatisfied with what was the norm, we were at ground zero of the revolution that took the fitness world by storm. Since then we have found where we feel most at home. On the fringes, experimenting, pushing, training with purpose for accomplishments both inside and outside of the gym. For both ourselves and for those that, whom we are grateful for, choose to spend time with us.

    We stand on time-tested principles that we know work and explore the boundaries of what we think might. Along the way we keep what delivers and discard the rest.

    As professionals we are educated, qualified and highly experienced. As individuals we are, like most, accomplished and failed, driven and flawed, all in our own unique ways. However, we share the common belief that both your best days will be made possible and your worst days made tolerable by being both physically and mentally strong. That having people around you that have your back is one of life’s most invaluable commodities. We believe what is being done is not nearly as important as who is doing it, and why, and that supporting each other means pushing each other where we need to go, not just where we want to, in all facets of life.

    This is the standard we live by and one we strive daily to make yours as well. Does this make us different? To those that think so…The light is on. We have been waiting for you. All are capable. All are welcome.

    CrossFit Gym In Buffalo, NY

    What do people say about us?

    • I can’t stay enough wonderful things about this place! The coaches are awesome and know how to scale a workout or push an athlete according to their abilities.. The programming is great and if you trust the process you’ll see results! Since joining the gym in August I’m faster, stronger (my previous 1RM is now my 5RM), my technique has improved, and I have met some amazing people! Each time I leave the gym, I know that I’ll leave a BETTER athlete then when I walked in.

      Tanis Depp
    • I travel for my job and drop-in to 2-3 different gyms across the country every month. Crossfit Buffalo has set the new standard in which I will judge ALL future gyms I visit. David the owner, all the coaches, and the members treated me like I was a full-time member. Awesome facility! One of the best gyms I have ever been to!

      Matt Cauley
    • Dave Rice and his crew are first rate! CFB is an awesome place to train filled with great people and a very knowledgable staff. If you are in the Cheektowaga area go see them, you won’t be disappointed!

      Robby Dinero
    • Dropped in while visiting Buffalo and had an awesome experience. Everyone was super nice and it was a great workout. Definitely making this my go-to gym whenever I visit!

      Adrienne Voss
    • Best. Place. Ever. Period.

      Helen Yood



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    Call us: 716-601-7300

    3820 Union Road, Cheektowaga, NY 14225