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"One's destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things." -Henry Miller

We are products of our environment.

CrossFit Buffalo was established in 2007 as the first of its kind in the Buffalo area. Our intent then was, as is it is now, to create a space for individuals to discover what they are truly capable of, regain what may have been lost, and to open one’s mind to new possibilities that were never afforded to them in a typical training site.

Never content, we wanted to instill the same in those who found us. We wanted to meet ones needs then spur the question, “now what?” Our hope has always been that what brings someone here is not what keeps them. That what they were looking to change falls wayside to what needed to, or could.

What you use and the exercises you perform here are not unique. As has been proven time and time again it is the “how” that matters most.

Our workouts are structured to build capable, resilient, and aesthetic bodies through an overall program that is concerned with longevity of strength and conditioning that will serve you for a lifetime.

Our classes are purpose driven and supportive. They are designed to be varied and creative enough to keep you interested and excited while still adhering to the principles we know to deliver true and lasting results.

We firmly believe our role here is to teach. We are not looking for you to depend on us but rather to learn to thrive with us. Aside from classes we offer personal training, personal programming, 24/7 gym access, and nutrition coaching.

We hope what you find here goes beyond what you were looking for. And that your greatest realization is what you bring to it.

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