Coach Rob Litten has been CrossFitting for six years, and specializes in the paleo lifestyle of eating. Passionate about enjoying life every day to the fullest and not letting any outside negativity affect him or his family, Rob loves watching our members progress and become more confident with themselves.

Active in soccer and competitive volleyball in his younger years, Rob became a coach at CrossFit Buffalo when our 6 a.m. classes started getting very popular. “I asked Dave if I could start a 5 a.m. class, which we have now had running strong for the past four and a half years.”

Rob found CrossFit in a different way than most people. “I was just starting my paleo lifestyle and through online forums, I started hearing about all these CrossFit athletes engaging in paleo. So, when I started looking for a close affiliate, CrossFit Buffalo was really the only one close by. I jumped in and haven’t looked back.”


  • CrossFit Level 1